Amalia Brujis Paintings  
Artist Statement
As long as I can remember, I have been fascinated with painting people. Initially, I painted these characters walking or running towards the horizon, melting in the distance with the colors of the sand and the sea. These landscapes were inspired in the deserts and the ocean near Lima, Peru where I grew up. There was a sense of loneliness, nostalgia of something gone, a quiet emotion, like the desert.

The complexities of the human interaction in the streets of Miami, New York, London and Tel Aviv, where my children live, have given me a new source of inspiration. My images come from photographs I take in streets, museums or train stations. Now I paint the people in urban areas, but without the architecture, as I desire to convey a sensation of outer space, cosmos, and again, the feeling of solitude I feel myself.

My current work, a series called “walkers”, is inspired on an internal dialogue between my memories of childhood and the language of painting I have developed in the last years. I come from a family that emigrated from Europe, leaving behind most of their relatives. I can see now how these characters I first painted vanished in the distance in the same way the memory does when we try to remember a loved one who has left. Now, in my personal life, I am also an immigrant, and my children live in different parts of the world. All these people walking in the streets, or in the airports, or train stations, are part of me. It is the information I already have in my genes that comes out in my artistic conscience. I aim to get a sensation of depth, so that the viewer may immerse himself into the painting.

The people I paint have a place in my universe. They come and go. Some appear to be in a hurry, and some are distracted, thoughtful, mysterious, lonely, or lost in the distance. Each person has his own story. In a multitude one may feel a sense of loneliness, but at the same time feel they are apart of humanity, going to the same place, sharing a common destiny.

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